Semi-automated production line for medical diagnostic consumables.


Explore our expertise in the design and and installation of two semi-automated production lines dedicated to medical diagnostic consumables. Each of these each of these lines, comprising around ten stations operated by highly qualified personnel in a state-of-the-art environment.


Medical diagnostic consumables, often made up of plastic parts, demand extreme precision during assembly. Moreover, the precise delivery of liquid reagents, in terms of quantity and location, is a crucial challenge in this sector.

Developed technology

We are pioneers in the design of semi-automated stations, offering a harmonious combination of precision automation and human intervention.

Each station is equipped with a 3-axis robot and a high-precision dispensing device mounted on the robot’s actuator. Our expertise enables the precise application of various elements such as glue, master mix, primer and other liquids essential to the production of medical consumables.

Solutions & Results

Our team has transformed empty rooms into high-performance production environments for two of our customers, successfully deploying over 20 semi-automated stations.

These stations have significantly improved efficiency and precision in the production of medical consumables, meeting the specific needs of the sector.