Industrial automation (PLC/HMI programming)

The integration of automated solutions represents the application of technologies to control and monitor production processes without human intervention. These technologies include

  • Automated or semi-automated production/assembly lines
  • Robotic systems,
  • Collaborative robots
  • Machine vision and artificial intelligence
  • Optimization of existing production processes
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) / HMI (Human-machine interface) programming,

This approach aims to increase the efficiency, precision and safety of industrial operations, while reducing costs and reliance on manual labor. By integrating automated systems, industries can optimize their workflows, improve product quality, and adapt quickly to changes in demand, ensuring greater competitiveness in the marketplace.

Mechanical design (specialized machines and product design)

Creativity, simplicity and functionality go into every machine we build. Our expertise in mechanical design and prototyping has enabled us to carve out an enviable place in the Quebec market. If the ideal machine or product doesn’t exist, leave it to us to develop it with you.

Project management and documentation

Project management and documentation are fundamental aspects of any industrial process.

The ability to manage resources effectively, track project milestones and document the various phases are essential to ensure successful project completion.

Process optimization

Process optimization is a constant objective for industrial companies. This involves the analysis and continuous improvement of production processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize errors.

Process optimization means faster, more accurate and more profitable results.

Expertise, integrity and rigor

Integration and design services are turnkey. We are involved from the drawing up of specifications through to validation and commissioning.

Our engineering project realization process is constantly evolving to offer quality service and up-to-date solutions.

For projects requiring a high degree of regulatory documentation, we work with companies specializing in quality control and validation.

To ensure the sustainability of each project, we implement a strategy that consists of :

  • FAT (Factory acceptance test) /SAT (Site acceptance test)
  • Training and support to make the customer autonomous and in control of the new integrated system
  • Complete documentation including
    • Mechanical drawings
    • Electrical drawings
    • Commented programs
    • Maintenance plans
    • Spare parts list
    • Failure prevention and resolution guide
    • List of useful resources

Specific processes at your service

UV Treatment
Glue and Wax dispensing
Sensors (level, flow, distance)
Air knife / Ion bar
Precise & automated dispensing
Leak test
Plasma treatment
Temperature control

Your world, our expertise

Life Sciences and Biomedical

Cleanroom work is our specialty, and everything that goes with it. From the outset, FX-DX has specialized in engineering projects in the fields of bio-medicine, medical devices, life sciences and biotechnologies.

From the installation of production lines to the integration of aseptic isolators and the optimization of your processes, our team is accustomed to working on projects with demanding documentation and sanitary requirements.

Discover our FX semi-autonomous stations, specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Food industry

When it comes to the food industry, our engineering services are focused on improving the quality, safety and efficiency of production processes.

We are involved from the moment your product is packaged, right through to delivery. The integration of conveyors, palletizing systems, packaging machines, reject stations, scales and barcode identification are just some of the solutions we offer to help you achieve your profitability objectives.

Project example

Navigate through our creations as if you were in CAD! Interact with the 3D models to visualize the quality of the design.

The mezzanine and conveyors shown below were developed in collaboration with Leclerc Robotique, our official partner for specialized metal fabrication.

Structures (walkways, mezzanines, passageways)

Machines need to be properly anchored to the ground, and workers deserve a safe working environment.


Facilitate your product handling with conveyors. Nothing is impossible: up, down, spiral, bucket, circular, bulk, boxed, constrained spaces. We adapt to your layout, your product and your performance criteria.

Specialized/customized machines

If the ideal machine or product doesn't exist, leave it to us to develop it with you.

Robotized solutions

Each application requires its own approach. That's why different categories of robot are available on the market. Here are a few models we've successfully integrated to date. Note that we don't limit ourselves to these manufacturers.

Cartesian robots (Janome)

Robots moving linearly along the X, Y, Z and R axes. Often used in the pharmaceutical industry for precision dispensing tasks.

6-axis robots. (Mecademic, OMRON)

Numerous axes of movement for incomparable dexterity.For complex tasks requiring greater precision.

Collborative robots (UR)

Forget the security cells and interact with these robots as if they were human. Safe and reliable, their programming is hassle-free and can be carried out by technical staff.

Scara robots (EPSON, OMRON)

Speed and robustness characterize this type of robot. For high-volume, repeatable tasks, consider scara robots.

Discover our FX200 semi-autonomous workstations

Many applications require constant interaction between operators and robots. FX stations optimize your production rate while keeping operators safe.

There are many advantages to integrating FX stations:

Known starting price, adapted to your process, configurable to your needs, rapid integration. Designed for cleanrooms, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biomedical and electronics.