FX200 Station

Many applications require constant interaction between operators and robots. FX stations optimize your production rate while keeping operators safe.

There are many advantages to integrating FX stations:

Known starting price, adapted to your process, configurable to your needs, rapid integration. Designed for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biomedical and electronics environments.

The stations shown below are for reference only. Contact us to configure yours.


Wax dispensing | Nordson EFD | Scale | Spinner | Temperature control | Safety curtain | MayTec enclosure | Pneumatic unit | Electrical box | Display screen | HMI panel | Cartesian robot


Conveyor | RFID identification, tracking and transfer | Purification unit | Accumulation tank | Ultraviolet treatment | Air knife | Sprayer | Flowmeter | Cartesian robot


Position sensor | Camera vision (position/size) | Scara robot | Conveyor tracking | Puncture.


Mecademic 6-axis robots | Balance.


Cold Chamber | Pelletier Effect | Precision Distribution.