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Automatisation fx-dx Inc. specializes in the integration of automated systems for customers in, but not limited to, the biomedical, life sciences and manufacturing sectors.

Our vision reflects our values, our experience and our desire to contribute positively to human and social development.

At a time when manpower is scarce, our mission is to Humanize automation by leaving dangerous, repetitive and unchallenging tasks to robots, thus enabling employees to flourish in a work environment where creativity and human potential are exploited to the full.

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Mihail Disanski, Eng.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Université Laval, Mihail Disanski has a solid background in mechatronics, telemetry, and the design and manufacture of mechanical and technological components.

Throughout his university studies, and in research projects focused on robotization, he made a name for himself for his design talent and his ability to analyze.

Without a doubt, his "out of the box" way of thinking enables him to cut a path through the most challenging mechanical problems.

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Frédéric Plante, Eng.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Université Laval, Frédéric Plante is recognized for his remarkable skills in applied mathematics, as well as for his ability to find simple solutions to complex mechanical design problems.

It was in the context of university research projects on industrial process automation that his passion for this specialty was revealed.

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Raphael Giguère, Business Development and Technical Support

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cégep de Lévis, specializing in manufacturing production, Raphaël stands out for his charisma, his ability to explain production issues in layman's terms and his experience in the field.

Right from the start of his studies in mechanical engineering, Raphaël immersed himself in machining, equipment sales, and the design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

With his design/manufacturing experience, customer service and versatile skills, he is our new key element in business development at FxDx.

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We are located at 1000 Rue Fernand Dufour Local 109, Québec, QC G1M 3B1

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