Low profile elevating conveyors for chocolate chips


Discover our latest engineering feat – the Angled Chocolate Chip Conveyor equipped with a Thermodrive belt. This innovation pushes the boundaries of conveyor technology, offering a unique solution for the efficient transport of chocolate chips.


A major challenge presented itself: the specific height at which the horizontal part of the conveyor had to be positioned in relation to the floor.We understood the crucial importance of meeting this constraint to ensure the smooth running of the chocolate chip conveying process.

Developed technology

Our team has accumulated in-depth expertise in the design and manufacture of conveyors, specializing in the use of rubberized belts.We excel in accurately calculating and adjusting design parameters to optimize production throughput, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

Solutions & Results

Our team rose to the challenge with flying colors, developing an innovative solution to lower the horizontal part of the conveyor to an impressive height of less than 250 mm (~10 in.) from the ground. This technical feat was achieved using advanced design techniques and making the most of our expertise in handling rubberized belts.